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Starwood Resorts Facebook Canvas


Canvas is a Facebook marketing tool designed to create immersive miniature apps through the Facebook Mobile app without any coding. The tools are limited to image and video modules, but laid out in a way that offers surprising creative freedom.

I used these tools to create a five-point list of recommendations for planning weddings in Hawaii for Starwood Hotels.

Role: UX Design, Visual Design
Tools: Photoshop, Facebook Canvas


Starwood Hotels is a regular client at Hyperdisk Marketing. Their marketing team asked my design team to create a Facebook Canvas based on a short list of tips for planning a wedding in Hawaii.


This project was every designer's dream: I was given the content, the demographics and very little visual design direction other than to stay on brand. The biggest challenge of this project was learning the Canvas platform with limited documentation and community involvement.


After several hours of research into how the platform worked, and what was possible with it, I came to the conclusion that most of the functionality in the app comes through utilizing seemless image carousels that users can swipe through. Each image can be any size, but they needed to all be the same size as others in the same carousel.

I decided that Photoshop artboards would give me the most flexibility in designing each of the slides. Each artboard represents one full screen or one half screen. Designing with artboards allowed me to lay out the entire application as it would work in the Canvas platform, and quickly export them as static images to upload.