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Baker's Cay Resort


Baker's Cay Resort is a boutique luxury resort in Key Largo that caters to vacationers looking for a Caribbean getaway close to mainland Florida.

Role: Content Stategy, UX Design, Visual Design
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator


Baker's Cay was a client of Hyperdisk Marketing. I was given direction for the strategy through my creative director and account managers.


This hotel had been recently purchased from a large hotel chain, and needed to be rebranded as a boutique hotel. The brand style guide was provided by another agency, and it was my job to translate this to a web style guide, as well as compelling content.


Because this hotel had been recently purchased from a large chain, we had very few analytics to look at for concrete data about traffic habits, so my team had to rely on general industry knowledge and the limited guest demographics provided by the new ownership.

We were told that the guests tended to be adults in their 20s - 30s from mainland Florida, looking for a weekend getaway without having to fly. They had a high amount of walk-in, transient traffic from small groups of travelers, and a low amount of group business.

Because of this, we chose to focus on a highly visual mobile-first website that highlights the best aspects of the resort, and calling to users to look at the image gallery and accommodations more than the abundance of activities in the area and local culture.

Unfortunately, this project was halted mid-production because of the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma.