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70-20 Learning


70-20 is a productivity application for corporate environments interested in tracking and promoting growth and learning in their employees. This is an informational site about the application, meant to spark interest and guide learning leaders and managers towards scheduling a demo.

Role: Content Strategy, UX Design, Visual Design, Front-End Developer
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Draw.io, Wordpress


Fort Hill Company approached me to redesign their website for 70-20, which included a new visual design and a content strategy overhaul.


In my conversations with the stakeholders of the program, I found that the main goal of the website was to drive Learning Leaders for companies to contact Fort Hill Company for a person-to-person sales presentation. They had concerns about sharing too much information about the program on a website for fear of copycat competitors.


In my content audit, I found that 70-20's original website focused mostly around what the 70-20-10 learning method is, and what the 70-20 solution does. There were no benefits of the product mentioned anywhere on the site, and the first call to action on the single-page website was at the bottom of the content.

In order to capture the users' attention, I proposed a new guideline for their homepage's content: Sell the benefits-- not just the product. Show the user that you understand their needs, and tell them how the product meets and exceeds them.